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Home-made muesli nutrient dense and easy to make....

I have been making this delicious Nutrition by Nature Muesli for years now it is so quick and simple to make.  Home-made muesli is so much cheaper than the shop brought alternative.  Commercial muesli often contain sulphites so they keep on the shelf for longer and retain colour but unfortunately for some like myself I am intolerant to sulphite as it gives me migraines.

Many people can tolerate sulphites and actually we produce these in our bodies.  But for some especially asthmatics these can be very problematic. Commercial muesli's also can contain high amounts of sodium, sugar and refined fats to preserve them and make it suit the modern day palette of sweet and salty.   So really home-made is the way to go if you want to know what you are eating.

Sulphite numbers to look out for it you react to these are
220 Sulphur Dioxide
221 Sulphur sulphhite
222 Sulphur bisulphhite
223 Sulphur metabisuphite
224 Sulphur potassium
225 Sulphur potassium sulphite
228 Sulphur potassium bisulphite 

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