De-cluttering starting with the underwear draw..

What items are important to you?
Over the past two years I have been on a de-cluttering journey.  De-cluttering my home of un-needed, un-wanted items from Fleur's old (new since it only had one baby owner) baby buggy, to her crib and clothes.  I kept these items until she was six as many mothers know it can be hard getting rid of such items as it is closing a chapter of your life, in which you need to feel comfortable in closing.

When she turned 6 I realized it was time to let them go, so these items went on Trademe basically the New Zealand equivalent of ebay in America.  Evaluating your life now is a great step in the de-cluttering journey.  A great way to relize the items you need today, as the now is the only place you are living in, is to write down re-access what your life is now. 

Who am I? a mum, wife, owner of a kombucha brewery, like to surf, love the water and beach, love to cook and interested in nutrition and natural health.

Who do I want to be?..... or am I happy with who I am? if you wish for change what do I need for this or don't need?

What are the essentials I need for my personal life?  Togs (bathers), nice beach towels, surf board, snockel, flippers, good organic food, computer and printer.

Go from room to room getting a visual on what is actually needed in your life at present and actually what is un-used, not needed or unwanted.  This can be very motivating to get started on your journey.

For many starting small so not to overwhelm is the key and great place to do this is the wardrobe.

For example;
The Wardrobe is an easy and great place to start even if it is only that underwear draw.  But start on that underwear draw today!

What underwear do I wear daily?
Is there any that need repair or throwing out?
Are there any that are too tight or too loose?
Is there any that I do not like?
Have I brought a bra in the last 6 months (this is important to have great support)?
Are my bras to loose, is the cup size right, are some just old, is there any I don't like?

Don't over think this task as you are the controller of your mind, no your mind the controller of you.

Place out three piles a
1. Throw away
2. Donate (not underwear though lol)
3. Keep

Once you have done these three piles, in the same day throw away these items, go to your local donation shop and drop them off.  For the keep pile, clean out the draw and place neatly folded the keep items back into the draw. 
Having less actually gives you more, more time as you are not going through the piles of unwanted items and more as it feels so good to let items go.  If you do find letting go of items hard, think of the joy it gives to others and once you let go of your first few items this process gets easier.

Our brains are tuned to like the "familiar" according to Marissa Peer (a world famous hypnotherapist) so anything that is unfamiliar as in de-cluttering can be difficult for the brain to handle.  Telling the brain though how happy you will feel with getting ride of the items can change the emotional state felt in de-cluttering process.
Marissa Peer is the most amazing woman who in this clip tell you how to train your mind.  Marissa Peer has a great opportunity to do a Free Mini Masterclass on Self Esteem.  I highly recommend this don't miss out.

So not to overwhelm you start your de-cluttering journey with your underwear draw and check out the link on To reach beyond your limits by training your mind .

Other small de-cluttering journeys that make a difference

  • Handbag
  • Bedside table draw
  • Wallet 
  • The bathroom cabinet
  • One kitchen draw at a time
  • One wardrobe draw or hanging rack at a time

Enjoy :) Clare


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