I am back

Wow January 2018 already and I feel this year is going to be a goody especially since it has started so well.   Here in New Zealand we are having an awesome hot summer filled with lots of beach days swimming at picnic bay on the estuary or at the Heads Surf Beach.  The water sparkling blue and so warm.
This year we are lucky enough to have brought a pool too which has had great usage by my daughter who is 8 years old, me and all her friends.  I highly recommend them, if you are in New Zealand Trade me is a great place to get one.  Simple one tanker of water filled it with only a little top up from our water tank.
Kids go back to school on Friday which is really a pretty weird day to start especially with a public holiday on the Tuesday (Waitangi Day). But on the up-side I will have time to study, work, write and go for a surf (if it is good), hmm all in a 5 1/2 hour time frame.
I love to write and bring knowledge to people that might inspire someone towards change and trying new things.
So watch this space for more nutritional recipes (with the odd food for your sole recipe in there), how to live simply, gardening tips and tricks, fermenting, in particular kombucha and water kefir plus anything I find interesting along the way.
Have a wonderful last day of January and bring on February 2018!


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