'Black Salve' a ancient drawing salve...

 'Black Salve'  a natural remedy that has been used since before Christ and still used today in many communities such as the Amish communities.  This 'Black Salve' formulation is used to draw out foreign items from the skin including cancer and often named Black Drawing Salve.

After doing some research on the internet I have found this recipe for Black Drawing Salve on this awesome blog Wellness Mama.  She obtained this ancient recipe from an Amish Community that has been using it for hundreds probably thousands of years.

Black Salve is illegal in many countries one being Australia here on Black Salve Australia they outline why it is illegal?  An often prescribed and legal salve is Aldara it is very harmful and can be lethal yet it is legal yet the safe Black Salve that been around for 2000 thousands years is illegal hmmm pharmaceuticals, government and money!.  This is a must check out documentary Black Salve Australia it includes how to make black salve.

Other claims for Black Salve is that it can work at drawing skin cancers from the body but this is controversial check out the American Cancer Society for a government view on this issue which has to be noted is pharmaceutical money driven.

In their article the below is written that this treatment dates back centuries perhaps even to ancient Egypt which dates back to around 3165 BC, which is very interesting and begs the question 'if this ancient remedy didn't work would it have been handed down for thousands of years and should we listen to our ancestors and there ancient knowledge?'.

What is the history behind it?

The use of cancer salves to cure disease dates back centuries, perhaps even to ancient Egypt. The use of salves to treat cancer became fairly common in the 18th and 19th centuries. One 18th century English cancer surgeon, Dr. Richard Guy, used a black salve to treat dozens of cancer patients, particularly those with breast cancer. His claims of a high success rate were never verified. A later physician, Dr. Eli G. Jones, claimed he had miraculous results curing cancer patients using a salve made of figwort syrup. Many home-grown salve recipes have been handed down through families for generations (American Cancer Society).
There is a facebook page for Black Salve with testimonials on this product. 
I am not a doctor so have no knowledge on this subject but wish to bring awareness of this product to light and for you to source informed decision. 

Calendula one of the ingredients in Black Salve


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