Croup, Natural Remedies

2.43am and we are up I suspect dealing with croup which has been doing the rounds in our community. My poor little girl coughing like a seal. So as modern times allow I am on google checking out other peoples natural remedies searching for new ideas and came across this great article from one of my favourite people Sarah Pope The Healthy Home Economist. See below.

One of best investments I made years ago was a vaporizer available from here or google your local supplier. I don't use the Vicks Vaporizer artificial liquid recommend by them I just place purified water not chlorine water if in town from the tap as this is a toxic chemical. I place 2 to 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil into the water and start the unit.

I find warm water helps slowly sipped this breaks up the mucous and if your child is not as picky as mine chamomile tea is great for relaxing their little body.

I have just rubbed my own eucalyptus and shea butter balm (that I make at home) or could use coconut oil 2 tablespoons with 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops of Sweet Lavender essential oil out of the kitchen cupboard to create your own rub. Mix well.
Rub along the spin from top to bottom and into the lung region. Rubbing down the spin is most beneficial for virus invasions to the body. I learnt this years ago but can't remember where maybe in my first year of naturopathy.
This remedy I have just used literally 15 minutes ago and she is sound asleep along with having the vaporizer going.

A side note I learn't years ago from an ambulance officer that placing a cool flannel at the back of the neck is the quickest way to cool a person. Beneficial for children (or anyone) with a high fever.

Honey for 1 year olds and above only place on a spoon and lick like a lollipop reduces coughing. Here is an article published in the US National Library of Medicine. Title; Traditional and Modern Uses of Natural Honey in Human Diseases

Time for sleep for me.

Just one more check on my little girl as all mums and dads do then off to bed, Nite :)


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