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Sprouting your own alfalfa or bean sprouts is incredible easy and is a big cost saver on the weekly budget.  Sprouting beans, seeds and nuts allows the nutrients to be easily absorbed in the digestive system, this is due  to stimulating  Phytase Enzyme to de-activated and neutralises the phytic acid that is naturally present in seeds.

  Phytic acid causes mineral to become bound and prevents minerals to be absorbed.  This included the minerals contained in foods that are eaten with non-soaked seeds, nuts and beans. 

So it is advisable to pre-soak nuts, seeds and beans then for nuts and seeds dry in a dehydrator or low temperature oven. 

In the amazing book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon she states on page 112 that "Sprouting inactivates aflotoxins, potent carcinogens found in grains".

Children love sprouting, allow the kids to make there own jars of sprouts and see them grow.

After Two Days

 Alfalfa Sprouting 

Place a tablespoon of alfalfa seeds in a jar and cover with filtered water.  Soaking for 1 hour placing a material mesh with a rubber band or a ready made jar system like the one below.  Invert the jar and drain.  A great way to do this is to place to invert on a dish washing rack and leave it for 5 minutes.  The seeds/sprouts should be moist but not in water.  Place in a dark cool place such as the pantry.  

Rinse  twice daily morning and night. 

 Once the seeds start to sprout place out into the kitchen but not in direct sunlight. 

In spring time I find the process from start to finish for alfalfa takes 4 - 5 days.

Once sprouted to desired amount, drain on paper towel or on a tea towel. 

Prepare a container with a lid by placing a lightly moist paper towel on the bottom.  Place drained sprouts in and seal.  They will keep in the fridge for up to 10 days. 

If sprouting larger seeds such as beans soak for up to 4 hours is required.

After Four Days

Other sprouts include

Daikon Radish
Mung Beans
Red Cabbage
Black Mustard

Sprouting Supplies including kits and seeds

This is the best place to buy the sprouts etc

Alfalfa with mixed leaves, salad sprinkle, kale and sun dried tomato pesto, basil pesto and croutes. 


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