With Autumn in the air.....

Finally I have made it into the garden to sort out our overgrown citrus grove, since lemons are always soo expensive I am planting yet another Yen Ben Lemon Tree to sit beside our lime, mandarin, lemonade and meyer lemon tree. Growing your own Fruit and Vegetables cannot be underestimated one; for their nutritional value if grown organically, two; for the money your will save, three; for the great personal satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from and that you grew it :) plus so many other benefits which would fill this page. 

A great source of information to getting started and a great reference for the more experience gardener is the website Pod Gardening.  This month they are looking at bee keeping, of all places on the top of the roof of Orphans Kitchen Restaurant in Aucklands Ponsenby Road. It is great and awesome they are allowed bees in central Auckland and ironic in Mangawhai Heads we are not allowed to keep bee's in urban situations as we had to get ride of ours which where registered and a professional bee keeper looking after them.  As my daughter says we used to be 1000 family but now we are only an 8 family since she always includes the chickens and our dog lol to cute!

Bee's are great for pollution for our food. If wishing to buy a bee house that simply houses bumble bee's (not honey bees) that will pollinate your garden check out these cool bumble bee houses and other great products from Wood Craft NZ. 

For many other inspiration stories of people growing there own food and an encyclopedia on how to grow most vegetables and fruit check out Pod Gardening and start growing your own food. 


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