Beautiful Christmas Gift Cards.....

December is here already and I must say I think for me this has been the quickest year of my life! It feels that August was just yesterday and Christmas was ages away. This week Nutrition by Nature 750ml Bottles are being delivered with these beautiful Christmas Card attached wishing you all the Merriest of Christmas's. I think they look great and make wonderful gift card. The photo was taken at Karekare on the West Coast of Auckland by me then designed into these cool cards.

Nutrition by Nature Kombucha would make a wonderful gift for this Christmas season and for something a little naughty but nice, hey its all about balance in life. Berry Boost added to New Zealand Organic Champagne is simply delicious, or ginger blue with a touch of Organic Vodka is pretty good too or for a non-alcohol alternative Summer Fruits Spritzer using Soda Water and Nutrition by Nature 'Summer Fruits' Kombucha.  If entertaining in bigger numbers try making the Nutrition by Nature 'Summer Fruits' Christmas Punch.

Nutrition by Nature 'Summer Fruits' Christmas Punch

1 liter of Pineapple Juice
2 limes sliced thinly
1 x Juicy pineapple, cubed and frozen over night
1 lime juiced 
1.5 liters of Sparkling/Soda Water
1 x 750ml Bottle of Nutrition by Nature Kombucha Summer Fruits sieved
Freshly grated Nutmeg to taste

Simply chill all ingredients over night place into a chilled punch bowl stir and add ice cubes, serve. Half the recipe for a small batch or double for a larger batch. 

Be in quick to stock up on Nutrition by Nature Kombucha as we are a nano-brewery so quality is of the highest standard so stocks are limited.

Enjoy :)


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