IE Produce Kombucha Seminar

What a wonderful informative evening at IE Produce in Takapuna yesterday evening and so great to meet so many nice people making their journey to better health and well being.

 This was the last of the years kombucha seminars where guest speaks spoke about how to make kombucha and  Organic Mechanic's and myself Nutrition by Nature talked about our journey to the kombucha culture and the importance of healthy living.

IE Produce is an amazing store, packed with all your organic, fair trade products and produce.  Joyce the owner is always an inspiration to talk to with her vast knowledge of healthly living and organic lifestyle. IE Produce is Bio Gro Certified this means that the products that are state Organic in the store are actually Organic so you have that confidence on what you are buying.

IE produce isn't totally organic as we all know in this modern world unfortunately this is impossible but the produce is always clearing marked organic or non-organic which I love and it is always amazes me how fresh it is.  I would say the freshest produce in Auckland which is extremely important for nutrient density as vitamins are lost the moment the fruit or vegetables are picked so fresh is best.

I love how everything is categorised for example a tea section, kombucha section, pasta's, energy bars the list goes on.  This is great that you can see all your selection. This store isn't just an organic store, ask your natural health questions to the delightful staff and they will do the utmost to help you.  It is very hard to find service like this.

There are other up and coming Seminars at IE Produce so check out their website for the latest details and of course check out Nutrition by Nature Kombucha in the fridge stocking all flavours Berry Boost, Ginger Blue, Summer Fruits and Koffee Kombuchee.


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